Unofficial outlets cannot provide the same goods as official outlets

Famous companies are selling their products through the outlets, but at the same time, a new person in the business is using the famous outlets name and starting the business. There is a big complication for the buyers. The buyer is not aware which is the official outlet and unofficial outlet. This make the buyers to pay the extra cash for the goods purchased in the unofficial outlets. The original company only can give discounts on the selected products, only the original company can announce the ‘sale’ and offer the more products at the most discounted price. Therefore a person should have to select only official yuk outlets in case a person has doubt with the outlet he or she could call the original office of the shop and confirm the place where the original products are sold and ask about the discounted materials this would be helping the buyer to enjoy the shopping experience. The shopping experience is one of the wonderful entertainments for many families. The family selects the day for the shopping and the children and parents are ready to go for the shopping and they plan what to buy what not to buy, after this decision they take their car for the shopping. They park the car underground of the car parking place and the family split now in different corners of the shop, and they select the goods and meet at the cash counter at the end of the shopping.

In case, the family needs to buy the garments or undergarments the shop is keeping only the best brands and the quality of the product would be with long standing, so the family repeats their visit again and again because the shop is keeping and serving only the best products to the customers. At the same time, the unofficial shops are not buying the quality brands and looking only for the shop profit and keeping only second quality products. This is the reason a customer should have to call the head office of the shop and find the original and official shop for the purchase.

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